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We are a modern yet old fashioned full-service agency. We work with clients to solve marketing problems, develop marketing solutions and build the content and the outlet for the creative message. In today’s modern world, this can be anything. It could be a traditional media campaign, it could be a social and digital campaign, it could be content for live events.

Now, we are in relative terms a small agency, but that doesn't mean that our thinking is small. We are very strategically focused. We understand the need for every euro to count and to make it as significant as possible. We have been in business since 1978 working with clients to deliver solutions to their marketing objectives whatever they may be. We are still today working with many of these clients still. 

We are interested in finding the right solution for you.



Getting your message out

In today’s world, there are many ways to get your message out. Some will suit your objectives and your brand others will not. From traditional media campaign to digital and social media. Gaffney McHugh has been buying media for four decades so we know what works and for who it works for.



Committed to Quality

Ideas and creativity are the lifeblood of any agency. We are no different. Ideas are what we are here for. These ideas come in a variety of ways. From great campaign and advertising ideas to great ideas on how to get the best return on your media investment. We are not interested in driving your marketing spend to a certain discipline we are interestedin delivering the best strategic and creative outcome for your spend. Wherever that may be!



From Ads, video, presentations.....

We are a small agency that works with companies who are looking for a marketing partner. We are for clients who want to get the service and care that big agencies only save for those Hugh accounts. We work with clients closely to deliver and create content that serves their purpose and is on-brand. From ad campaigns, visuals, presentation, video content, digital content to event content.



Exceeding Expectations

We are living in a digital world. Even more so now with the effect of COVID-19. Our consumption of media is digital, our world is digital. This is not to say that digital is the answer to everything, it’s not, but in today’s world, it represents a key component of the media mix.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

As part of our agency we have a dedicated event & experiential division, CSL Events. This industry leading experiential will ensure that any marketing activity in the live space is done and executed to the highest industry standards. Find out more about our experiential division  here.



We would love to meet and talk about how we could help you with your marketing, advertising and communications goals. You can call us in the old way by phone on (01) 676 4034 or submit the form below and we will find you!

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