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We have been around long enough to know....

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Gaffney McHugh. A small oldfashioned full service agency with our clients at the centre.

Small Agency. Big Thinking.

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The world of advertising, marketing, agencies has changed back and forth over the last four decades we have been in business. There was the mad men era, the long lunches, the full service agency, there was the the media buyers, the creative houses, then there was the specialists, the digital agency, the TV agency. For all the back and forth in agency land, we haven't changed. 

We still believe in the same things. When an agency builds a strong relationship with their clients and working partnership that is when the best outcomes happen. This is because agencies get to know their clients, their businesses, their people. The work together to solve marketing problems. Yes, the delivery and method and thinking has changed over time but not our philosophy of what makes a good agency. A strong agency client relationship. 

Full service. We never understood the concepts. To us, we do what our clients need and want. We don't lead them down a path because it suits us. We work together with clients to find the best solution, the best direction no matter what the discipline is. Traditional, digital, experiential, or something that has never been done before. 

Small Agency. Big Thinking. We are not a global agency, We are a small agency that work with clients who know they will not get the services they deserve at a bigger agency. This is not to say that our thinking or our ambition is small. We are strategic minded in nature and with our dedicated creative team and strategic account management can deliver real value to our clients. 

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